Right timing and planning is the key to a successful orthodontic treatment for younger and adolescent patients. SmileZone clinic monitors and adjusts each and every step of the treatment as our young patients grow.


Q. When is the best time to start the orthodontic treatment for our kids?

Awe recommend to start the orthodontic procedure around age 6 to 8, when is optimal to plan and treat for the face structure and teeth organization. Specially to prevent underbites (lower front teeth in front of upper teeth), we recommend to start even younger than age of 6.

Q. When do we attach the braces (bracket)?

Ait is ideal to put the braces after all the permanent teeth appear and 2-3 years before all the growth stops. Normally age between 14 -16 for girls and age between 16-18 , when the chin stops growing, are ideal to finish the orthodontic treatment. If braces come off while chin is still growing, it may cause change in a teeth organization later in life. Planning the right time for the braces and treatment is most important, especially for underbite patients who may have longer chin growth period.

Q. Why should we start the treatment at young age?

AStarting orthodontic treatment at a younger age can provide more natural and optimal results through customized and less aggressive treatment.

Cases when early treatment is needed

SmileZone Orthodontic clinic SmileZone Orthodontic clinic

Kids & adolescent treatment instruction

  • Step 1

    we analyze and detect for possible malocclusion with X-ray scan and photographs of patient’s teeth.

    SmileZone Orthodontic clinic
  • Step 2

    we analyze X-ray scan and photograph of patient’s face structure and determine the optimal treatment

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  • Step 3

    determine the ideal growth stage for the treatment by analyzing maturity of bone and growth plate with X-ray scan of patient’s hands.

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  • Step 4

    Based on analyzed results of x-ray scans and photographs, we provide optimal type, age and duration of the treatment

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children & adolescents orthodontics

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